Moving Day Checklist

Moving Day Checklist 

  1.  Be on hand for movers.
  2.  Keep personal luggage away from movers.
  3.  Arrange for a few favorite toys for the children.
  4.  Put all valuables in a safe place.
  5.  Get floor plan of new home.
  6.  Arrange for supplies for transition period.
  7.  Make shopping list for first day.
  8.  Get keys to new home.
  9.  Remove trash.
  10.  Disconnect telephone.
  11.  Ensure doors and windows are locked.
  12.  Notify neighbours.
  13.  Heat turned down.
  14.  Have necessary papers money, tickets, traveller’s cheques with you.
  15.  Arrange for sitter on arrival.
  16.  Final check of basement, rooms, cupboards, attic and garage.
  17.  Keep copy of mover’s inventory with you or in a safe place in case of serious loss or damage

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