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Cost Checklist

Cost Checklist: 

  1. Check land transfer taxes.
  2. Check tax increases, deductions and exemptions for the move.

If the company is moving your family, check what they will pay for:

  •  hotels
  •  meals
  •  movers
  •  house-hunting trips
  •  transportation
  •  moving insurance
  •  storage
  •  lawyers
  •  loss on house sale or rent
  •  mortgage penalty
  •  real estate commissions
  •  overlapping expenses
  •  travel for spouse prior to move
  •  housing policy  

Other activities (things to do) are listed below:                                                                                                   

  1. Net revenue from selling or renting current home.
  2. Cost of new home.
  3. Check lawyer fees.
  4. Check mortgage transfer.
  5. Will there be an increase in mortgage costs?
  6. Will there be a lapse in paychecks during move?
  7. Check movers’ fee.
  8. Check other costs re: move, transportation, food, kennels, sitter.
  9. Check living expenses in new community.
  10. Will you need a second car?
  11. Check new land taxes and personal taxes/exemptions.
  12. Maintenance and renovations to new home.
  13. Check real estate broker’s fee if selling.
  14. Check penalty if lease is broken if renting.
  15. Will there be an overlap of mortgage payments?